The Institute helps promote recent advances in biochemistry by bringing to campus an internationally recognized biochemist to present a public lecture through the Benjamin Clayton - Biochemical Institute Regents Lectureship.

2003 - John E. Walker                        

             “The Rotary Mechanism of ATP Synthase”

The speakers and titles of past lecturers have been:

2001 - Peter B. Moore                        

             “The Structure and Function of the Large Ribosomal Subunit”

1999 - Harry F. Noller                           

             “First Glimpses of the Molecular Architecture of the Ribosome”

1998 - Ken Dill                                       

             “Protein Folding: Paradigms, Paradoxes, and a Pair O’ Dice”

1997 - Paul Berg

1995 - Edmund Fischer

1993 - Robert Lehman

1992 - Tom Cech


1991 - Michael G. Rossmann 

             “Structure, Function and Evolution of Icosahedral Viruses”