Austen Riggs - Adventures in Hemoglobin Research
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The Organizing Committee solicits any pictures or stories you can share about Austen and Claire Riggs.  We will post them on this web site for all to enjoy.  You are welcome to contribute whether or not you will be able to attend the RiggsFest!

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Austen Riggs - Mountain Climber

In 1950, George Bell and Austen organized an expedition to Peru to climb Yerupaja, at 21,670 feet it was the highest unclimbed peak in the Western hemisphere.  These adventures are detailed in the1952 book, "THE BUTCHER - The Ascent of Yerupaja" by John Sack  Click here for a photo of Austen on the cover of this book.

Photos From: Hao Zhu:

1995A  February 18, 1999, before taking off from Salt Lake City airport.

1995B  February 18, 1999, flying over Rocky Moutains.
1999A  August 2nd, 1999, playing with his stick on the Appalachian trail in White Moutains
1999B  August 1st, 1999, enjoying the scenery of White Moutains
1999C  August 1st, 1999, guiding the group in White Moutains
1999D  August 3rd, 1999, at the summit of Mt. Washington 
1999E  August 3rd, 1999, leading the group climbing up toward the summit of Mt. Washington.



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