Austen Riggs - Adventures in Hemoglobin Research
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* *  Sponsors   * *

The organizers of RiggsFest want to acknowledge the following sponsors and individual donors:


Ambion, Inc., Austin, Texas

Thomas O. Baldwin, Tucson, Arizona

Jennifer S. Riggs, Austin, Texas

Hao Zhu, Boston, Massachusetts

The University of Texas at Austin

Biochemical Institute - Dept of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Section of Neurobiology - School of Biological Sciences

University of Arizona, Department of Biochemistry

* *  Watch this space for further details  * *


The Organizing Committee is working on plans for donations of two types:

1) Sponsors for this Symposium to help defray the costs of Registration for those who attend the conference (see above).

2) A number of people have expressed interest in contributing to the establishment of a permanent Austen and Claire Riggs Endowment at the UT School of Biological Sciences to support graduate students attending professional conferences.  Of course, such donations are welcome, and would seem to be a fitting tribute to Austen and Claire’s strong commitment to graduate education. 

Please contact either Tom Baldwin ( ), Hao Zhu ( ) or Jennifer Riggs ( ) if you are interested in helping with these efforts.  


Contact Marvin Hackert at for questions about local arrangements.