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To The Reader

The Prevention of Alcoholism Through Nutrition (1981)


This book was written for all those who want to know effective ways to prevent alcoholism in themselves and for those, including professional consultants, who wish to prevent it in loved ones and others. Almost everyone is touched by this disease directly or indirectly at some stage of his or her life. Everybody should have some grasp of how alcoholism may be prevented.

In the interests of the people they serve, physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, ministers, priests, rabbis, counselors, and educators need to know the basic principles underlying the prevention of alcoholism.

Great inroads with respect to this disease cannot be made until the general public is well informed. We desperately need to develop the psychology of expecting each member of society to take serious responsibility for his or her own welfare and for being well informed on matters related to individual health.

The Prevention of Alcoholism Through Nutrition presents the insights of the author based upon his lifetime study of nutrition and its vital connection to the health of the individual. It does not purport to give medical advice. The author advises that the whole prevention procedure be under the supervision of physicians, many of whom, in the 1980s, have become sympathetic and cooperative with the objectives set forth in this book.

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