What’s New and Planned
(May 2003)


Clayton Foundation Biochemical Institute--A Short History, by Roger J. Williams, 1966
The retiring Founder and Director of the Institute summarizes its first years, 1940-1965

New Home Page Link, Alcoholism Writings
A growing list of full-text writings available online

The Differences between Nutrients and Drugs
Statement opposing FDA regulations to classify nutrients as drugs, in Congress, 1973
Drugs and Nutrients Must Be Differentiated, statement for Congress, 1974

Previously unpublished typescript written at age 61 (18 typed pages)

Nutritional Supplements
The Role of Nutritional Supplements (from Physicians’ Handbook of Nutritional Science, 1975)
Currently Suggested Formulations for Nutritional Insurance (from The Prevention of Alcoholism Through Nutrition, 1981)

The Story of Pantothenic Acid (Previously Unpublished)
Williams’s personal story of his remarkable 20-year quest to discover, characterize and synthesize this universal vitamin

The Flaw in Medical Education
An all-too-timeless chapter 1 from Nutrition Against Disease, 1971