For Those Wishing to Donate or Bequest Money
To Honor Roger J. Williams
Or to Support Research He Endorsed


There are two accounts appropriate for donations or bequests to the University of Texas, where Williams was a professor from 1939 until his death in 1988. Donations to either account are tax deductible as charitable contributions and will be acknowledged in writing by the University of Texas.

Biochemical & Biomedical Research Endowment

This account supports nutrition research in the Biochemical Institute that Roger J. Williams began in 1939 and directed until 1963. Since 1980 this project has explored "lymphocyte culture assays" to assess the nutritional individuality of humans. Williams assigned some of his research funds to this project of Prof. William Shive, and wrote favorably about it in his later books and articles. Over 2000 research volunteers have received laboratory testing of their blood, and received nutritional recommendations based on the results, without charge. The University takes no overhead; all donations and income directly support research.

Roger J. Williams Centennial Professorship in Biochemistry

This professorship was established in 1983, and is endowed by his colleagues, friends and family. Income (not principal) from the account supports the work of its holder, currently Kenneth A. Johnson of the Institute for Cellular and Molecular Biology.

Donations to either account should be made payable to the appropriate account name (shown above) and addressed to:

Development Office
The University of Texas
Austin, Texas 78712

For further information please contact:

Assistant Dean for Development, Natural Sciences, telephone 512-471-3285,
or Donald R. Davis, Biochemical Institute, telephone 512-471-4600